Flossing is as important for good dental health as brushing our teeth, but what if you’ve never made flossing a regular part of your dental hygiene routine? Can it be too late to begin flossing our teeth on a regular basis?

Vancouver WA dentist Dr. Nelson and the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Salmon Creek Family Dental believe that It’s never too late to start flossing your teeth. And, like brushing, flossing your teeth is just as important for good dental health.
These tips will help you make flossing your teeth a part of your regular routine.

Floss To Use

There are many different kinds of floss, and the specific one that you choose depends on your teeth. If your teeth have rough edges, you’ll want floss that resists shredding. If your teeth are tightly set together, you’ll want one that easily fits in between them.

Other considerations for floss include flavored versus not flavored, waxed versus unwaxed, and the material that the floss is made from. You may have to try a few different kinds of floss before you find one that you prefer – feel free to ask your hygienist which one he or she recommends..

Flossing Basics

Flossing is easier than you might think. First, grab a length of floss and wrap the ends around each of your index fingers a few times. This will allow a short, stable section of floss to use in between your teeth.

Starting with your front teeth, gently work that segment of floss in the spaces between, gently working it through any narrow or tight spots. Wrap the floss around the edge of each tooth, carefully scraping the edge as well as the base of each tooth and the space between it and your gumline. Start slowly at first, taking plenty of time to floss your teeth.

Careful Flossing

The point of flossing isn’t to harm but to help. The pressure you use while flossing needs to be firm but not extreme. When moving the floss up and down between teeth, don’t press so hard that you cause injury to your gum.

Use as much floss as you need in order to clean your teeth. It may take a few tries using floss to remove food particles. Make sure to use clean sections of floss as you floss one tooth to avoid spreading bacteria.

General Tips for Flossing Your Teeth

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