If you have a sweet tooth you may try to ignore the information about sugar and how bad it is for your oral health. If you crave sweet treats, there is good news, we have put together a list of alternative foods that are better for your health. After all, eating too much sugar can cause cavities, tooth decay and even toothaches.

There are a lot of sweeteners that come from nature, and they can actually help improve your overall health from your dentist in Vancouver and Salmon Creek WA, Dr. Dale Nelson.

Here are the top natural sweeteners

Coconut sugar is a great alternative to regular sugar. Coconut sugar has more iron in it and four times the amount of magnesium than regular sugar.

Adding coconut sugar to your diet can help slow down the absorption into the bloodstream and it is a natural sweetener that is not bad for you at all.


Stevia is a all natural sweetener is made from the greenleaf part of a South American plant. You can purchase Stevia in a liquid powder form or in the raw.

Because it is natural it is better for your teeth than regular cane sugar.

Date Sugar

Date sugar is super sweet sugar that can help slow down sugar absorption in the body. Dates are naturally rich in antioxidants, iron and in minerals and dates can help you stay hydrated. The sugar will dissolve in water so it’s best to use it for baking or sprinkling.

Agave Syrup

Agave is a sweet syrup that is made from the Agave plant and it is a better alternative than sugar or honey. It is good for you because it is all natural and can help prevent diabetes and heart disease. Many experts in the nutrition field and diet experts suggest using agave syrup instead of honey or sugar this is because it is all natural and it won’t raise your blood sugar level as much as regular sugar well.

It’s okay to crave something sweet, but sugar is not good for you. Try these alternatives next time.



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