Best Candy Options for Halloween Trick or Treating

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Halloween is almost upon us, and soon all those little goblins, ghouls, and witches will be lining up at your door with hands outstretched. Most candy, especially those that are chewy and sticky, and those that take long to dissolve in the mouth like hard candies, are very bad for the teeth. They either can […]

Is an Electronic Toothbrush Right for You?

Here at Salmon Creek Family Dental, we get a lot of patients who ask us about creative ways to care for their teeth. We often say one of the best things you can do for your smile is to buy an electronic toothbrush. Electronic toothbrushes are often better and more superior than regular toothbrushes because […]

Worst Labor Day Foods for Your Teeth

Here at Salmon Creek Family Dental, we want to wish you a happy holiday and hope that you and your loved ones enjoy this Labor Day. This holiday weekend, like most other holidays, is a great time to relax and connect with family and friends. However, holidays are also a time when many of us […]