As Dr. Nelson regularly covers in our Salmon Creek Family Dental blog, your oral health matters more than you might think.

When most of us think about getting into shape, we imagine working out as the key to helping lower our risk for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Rarely do many patients consider getting into shape when it comes to their oral health, or what that would even mean.

Unfortunately, poor oral health directly correlates to an increased risk for a variety of serious health problems.

Studies have shown that individuals who experience tooth loss, gum disease, and tooth decay have a significantly higher risk for developing conditions that include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and even cancer.

A direct link connects our oral health to our overall health.

For example, some studies have determined that by treating gum disease, patients can help to lower their blood pressure. Additionally, treating gum disease can also help patients with diabetes better manage their blood sugar levels.

Despite the outsized influence our oral health can have on our overall health, over 100 million Americans neglect to see a dentist each year despite how important regular care is to maintaining their overall health.

Regular dental care allows Dr. Nelson to spot the signs of dental decay and disease early on while still easily treatable. Not only does early prevention and treatment lead to an increased success rate for repairing any damage done, it’s also significantly cheaper when compared to the more complicated procedures required to fix serious oral health issues.

If you don’t think that visiting Dr. Nelson and our team at Salmon Creek Dental really matters, here are a few facts that may help to change your mind.

The Numbers Behind the Need for Dental Care

Regular dental care matters to not only the health of your teeth and gums, but also to your overall health as well.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following statistics:

Don’t Become Another Statistic

The key to enjoying a healthy, great looking smile is simple – brush and floss daily and schedule regular exams and cleanings with our team at Salmon Creek Family Dental.

Neglecting your oral health can have serious consequences that can last a lifetime. To live with regret when you can have a smile that dazzles.

Contact our office today to schedule your next exam with Dr. Nelson, and start enjoying a smile you can have confidence in showing.

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