CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

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At Salmon Creek Family Dental, we provide our patients with the highest quality of care. CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Vancouver, WA, are often the best way to restore a damaged tooth and provide a precise, long-lasting solution.

What are CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

CEREC Same-Day Crowns offer a unique advantage that traditional crowns do not. You can have a custom-made, durable, tooth-colored crown in a single appointment instead of two trips. From start to finish, the entire process takes place in just one office visit. This is possible thanks to the advanced computer technology of CEREC.  

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It uses advance technology that allows us to create custom crowns in-office while you wait. The technology uses a cutting-edge 3D imaging system that captures your tooth’s images, creating a crown model. We use this model to mill the actual crown from a ceramic block. We can complete the entire process quickly and accurately, meaning we can place your crown in one visit.

What are the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

This modern technology provides several benefits over traditional crowns. CEREC Same-Day Crowns are an excellent option for those who want a more aesthetically pleasing solution than traditional crowns. They utilize a ceramic material that closely matches the color of your natural teeth. This means you don’t have to worry about the crown standing out or looking unnatural. The ceramic material is also strong and durable, so you can trust that your crown will last.

CEREC same-day crowns provide a faster, more comfortable process for patients. Because of their precision, these crowns provide a more natural and accurate fit than traditional crowns. We can place them in as little as one visit, eliminating the need for a second appointment and a temporary crown. 

Same-Day Crowns Process and Procedure

At Salmon Creek Family Dental in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Dale Nelson specializes in CEREC same-day crowns. This process involves the use of advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology. After preparing the tooth and taking an impression, Dr. Nelson will use a special camera to take a digital image of the tooth. We then use this digital image to design the crown, custom-made to fit the tooth with precision. The next step involves milling the crown from a block of ceramic material. The milling is done in-office, utilizing the CEREC technology. 

Once the crown is ready, Dr. Nelson will fit it onto your tooth and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, we bond the crown to the tooth with a special cement. The procedure takes only a couple of hours, and you leave with a brand-new crown. Thanks to this advanced technology, Dr. Dale Nelson can provide same-day crowns that look, feel, and function like a traditional crown.

Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns More Expensive Than Traditional Crowns?

No, CEREC same-day crowns are not more expensive than traditional crowns. In fact, they are the same cost to you as a traditional crown but you lose less time out of your busy day. 

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns in Vancouver, WA

Salmon Creek Family Dental in Vancouver, WA, is the perfect place to go for CEREC same-day crowns. With our state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Dale Nelson and his team offer the highest quality of care and can craft custom-made crowns in a single visit.

If you have questions about CEREC same-day crowns or want to learn more about the technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is here to answer any questions and provide you with the best possible care. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today.